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Published author and NEA recipient, Lynda Aron has taught writing workshops and book discussion groups for the past thirty years. She has taught in high schools, universities, community centers such as Gilda’s Club in Manhattan, her salon, and hospitals worldwide. As chairwoman of both public and private writing programs, she created and still advocates for developing authentic and creative writers. She is also an accomplished editor who guides participants with compassion and expertise.

A voracious reader since childhood, Lynda's love of books is evident through her discussion groups. Her workshops are in demand among various age groups. One of her favorite things is working with seniors who share their enthusiasm and wisdom. Participants and activity directors credit the intellectual stimulation as a catalyst for vitality.

As a mentor she specializes in assisting students who are striving for a higher level of awareness and individuality. Lynda has organized and hosted seminars with esteemed writers such as Erica Jong and Alice Hoffman on the process of writing. She has written essays and short stories on issues concerning women and her book, Your Write to Heal, continues to be a standard in self-awareness. Years of struggle with her own process as a writer has taught her that writing can indeed calm, center and expand the individual.

Tel 1+ (516) 318-3139 © 2016 Lynda Aron, Writer Within Workshops

The yearning to put experience into words is universal.....


The purpose of each workshop is to assist participants in locating the ability and power of writing in one's Own voice......

An ongoing weekly workshop is available every Thursday 12:00-2:30. Call for details.

Workshop Options

Book Groups

Book groups originated in 18th century Parisian salons as a means of promoting the love of literature while bringing people together. Whether you are a novice or a voracious reader, getting together with a group of like-minded individuals is an enriching experience. According to Lionel Trilling, "... the most effective agent of the moral imagination has been the novel... Its greatness and its practical usefulness lay in its unremitting work of involving the reader in the moral life."


Both informative and entertaining, book group discussions include an in-depth analysis of current or classical literary fiction. Topics discussed include background information on the author, narrative techniques, characters' strengths, flaws, traumas and dreams, author's voice and style, the relationship between the reader and the text, universal themes, relevancy and the writer's craft. Author appearance or phone discussion may be available.

Groups from 10-30 meet to discuss books and the reading experience at a university level. Lynda is available for fully formed groups or individuals wishing to join a group. Each session runs about 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Sessions can be monthly, bimonthly, or every six weeks including or excluding summers. Both daytime and evening groups are available.

Writer Within
A writing salon where participants are assisted in accessing their authentic voice and exploring the inner power of imagination, self-expression and story-telling. Experiential and supportive, sessions include assessment of participants' needs and intentions, guided reflective writing and constructive sharing. Participants are taught prospective writing, a quick-method to accessing their creative spirits and writing memories, fiction, poetry or non-fiction. New writers, professionals and everyone in-between are welcome. Sharing is encouraged but not required. Each two and a half hour workshop may be experienced as a one-time event or a series.

"Your Write to Heal"
This seminar focuses on specific techniques to facilitate the expression and integration of trauma, loss and bereavement. Issues are addressed in a nurturing and professional way. Lynda's book is distributed and used as a text/workbook. 

So, What's Your Story?
A verbal scrapbook (memoir writing) recorded for personal posterity or publication. Exercises provide a format for documenting oral histories. Excellent for active adults and residents of senior centers. Fulfilling and fun!

Spa Salon
These sessions focus on care and reverence of the self. Exercises on clearing, renewal, acceptance, gratitude and celebration are addressed with compassion (based on the idea that in order to nurture our loved ones and better the world, we must first practice self-care).

Six Word Memoir 

Have fun creating a game-like format for your life story and other tantalizing tricks. Be challenged to write your entire story in just six words.

College Entrance Essay Workshop

Workshops for school and library groups present Lynda's method for captivating College Entrance Essays. Discussion of what schools are currently looking for in their applicants is informative and surprising. Learn the ins and outs of what's trending in the application process. Examples of winning work and that of a valedictorian who was not accepted at any ivy school he applied for are shared. Brainstorming, Selection of Questions, and Prewriting are covered. A second session of writing and editing is recommended. 

Also available; small groups and individual consultations for students applying to colleges of any caliber or special needs programs. Lynda also works by phone and email with students across the country. Whether anxious, experiencing avoidance, or raring to go, Lynda provides expert guidance for both students and parents through the college essay process. 

Parents Prep for College

Anxious? Worried? Nervous? Attend Lynda's workshop which addresses the mental, emotional and psychological aspects of sending your cherub to college. The application process is perplexing and confounding. Here are ways to calm yourself, be supportive and a gentle guiding force to your progeny. Discussion deals with 'first to go' to 'empty nest syndrome'. Lynda handles parental issues from the most practical to the extreme. Her years of expertise in parenting and both high school and college psyches lend wisdom, knowledge and humor to an otherwise tense time. Tips on college trips, essay topics and resumes are highlighted. 

Specialized Presentations

Customized presentations for subjects and events such as Women's History Month, LGBTQ rights, Black History Month, Grief and Healing. Lynda often calls upon experts and artists to execute meaningful, fascinating workshops. Visual, audial, and experiential. 

A prominent example is Women at Home: along with artist Janet Swinburne, Lynda facilitates a timely discussion and writing workshop based on Janet's 25 year project by the same name. The project captures in natural light moments in time and place to explore vital symbols which represent family and home. The presentation includes viewing artistic photographs and writing in response to daughters', grandmothers', mothers', and sisters' words of love, wisdom and frustration; participants are stimulated by subjects that concern women everywhere. Today is yesterday's furure; let's slow down and experience the richness and abundance of the moment. When we allow ourselves to feel it, we will want to share its joy.


Tel 1+ (516) 318-3139 © 2016 Lynda Aron, Writer Within Workshops



The essay component is the essential factor in the college application process. Often your thoughts, feelings and experiences are the only thing that separates you from others. You may want assistance in brainstorming, writing or editing your essay, but may not want to have a family member help. Lynda is available for coaching you through the writing process and helping to make your writing pop to admissions counselors. She teaches the ins and outs of what counselors are and aren't looking for in this year's applications. 

Whether you've got the 'back to school blues', need help for the entire experience or just a final edit, Lynda is inspiring and comforting!


The process of sending your child to university is one of the most stressful and emotionally wrenching experiences in parenting. Having been through the process herself, both personally and professionally, Lynda is knowledgeable, compassionate and wise. She is available for presentations and consultations.


Start to Finish Services

Lynda will help you to highlight who you are as a person outside of the classroom in an individualized and comprehensive manor. She will motivate and assist you in finding your 'Writing Voice' as well as brainstorm several topics for your essay. This service includes drafting and editing of the final copy. 

Editing Process

Final Refinement and Structural Edit

Services include editing of supplemental essays.

Workshops available for school and library presentations in small group formats as an introduction to the College Entrance Essay writing process.

Workshops available for school and library presentations for the parents of students applying to college to help familiarate them with the college application process and ease nerves that they might share with their kids. 

Lynda Aron was an English Department Chairperson and College Professor of Writing for over twenty years. She has designed nationally recognized programs in writing curriculum and has spoken on the subject of College Entrance Essays both here and abroad. She has aided students in writing Award-Winning essays. She is also the author of Your Write to Heal as well as many essays and short stories. 




“Lynda made a huge difference in the application process for me. As a student applying Early Decision, there was a lot of pressure to produce an essay that would stand out from the rest and assure acceptance to the college of my choice. Lynda relieved all of that stress! She helped me develop and organize my thoughts; I found my voice. The final product really showed who I am. I was accepted Early Decision to NYU and entered with a strong writing style that has served me in college. Thanks to Lynda.”
-- Lisa Vetrone, New York University '15
"I was a Stanford graduate but still needed help getting into graduate school. Mrs. Aron taught me how to organize my thoughts and express them in a concise, creative way.  She played a huge part in my success!"
- Matt Sussman, Stanford Graduate School '09

"Lynda helped me more than I ever could've imagined. She helped me to cultivate a well crafted, organized, eloquent essay. All of the words were my own, but she helped me to use my words and create an original, descriptive, filmic essay that served as my brand in my college application."

- Grace Martino, University of California, Los Angeles '21

College Essay Counseling

Tel 1+ (516) 318-3139 © 2016 Lynda Aron, Writer Within Workshops

"I was a Stanford graduate but still needed help getting into graduate school. Mrs. Aron taught me how to organize my thoughts and express them in a concise, creative way.  She played a huge part in my success!"
- Matt Sussman, Stanford Graduate School '09

"Ms. Aron and her workshops help people find clarity and peace through writing. Now those who can't get to an actual session will learn techniques to use writing as part of the healing journey."

- Sandi Kafenbaum
Counseling Coordinator at Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program


"Through the Writer Within workshops' exercises and practice, I am more in touch with my authenticity which provides an opening for reinventing myself and evolving into the person I want to become; this enriches my work as a medical professional and in the expression of my art."

- Janet Swinburne
Obstectrical RN, And Artist


"Lynda helped me more than I ever could've imagined. She helped me to cultivate a well crafted, organized, eloquent essay. All of the words were my own, but she helped me to use my words and create an original, descriptive, filmic essay that served as my brand in my college application."

- Grace Martino, University of California, Los Angeles '21


"After graduating from Cornell, I applied for veterinary school and got rejected. Four times! After the fourth try I finally gave up and went to go live in Spain. I decided to contact Lynda after a year of living in the small farming village because I could not get the idea of working with horses out of my head. I just didn't know what to write my essay on. Lynda asked me what inspired me to try yet again so I told her about passing a stable door opening on my way to work every day. One day the farmer came out wondering who had been talking with his horse because suddenly the horse who was mourning the loss of his partner was eating again for the first time in a year. I admitted it was me and he thanked me profusely. Lynda enthusiastically said that was my essay! She reflected to me that I was an innate healer. I was accepted to every veterinary school that year. I have been specializing in horses and traveling with Doctors Without Borders, most recently to Peru, and think often of Lynda's guiding influence. She was able to show me how to express myself through the written word and do it in a way that would touch others."

- Dr. Tinkler, Cornell 

Tel 1+ (516) 318-3139 © 2016 Lynda Aron, Writer Within Workshops



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